- Choose I already have a seed. NEXT








- Now you need your SEED PHRASE.












- Go to your EXODUS wallet  

- On the left menu go to Backup and then View Backup Phrase

- Enter your Password

- Turn OFF your internet connection

- Click the Safety Advice.

- Copy your SEED PHRASE

- Paste your Seed Phrase on the Electrum Wallet. Every word should be separated by a space.

- Then Click on Options

- Choose BIP39 seed.  OK

- You CAN CLAIM HEX when your BTC address starts with:1... (LEGACY)bc1...  (NATIVE SEGWIT)3...  (SEGWIT)If your address is MULTISIG you can NOT claim

- Turn ON your internet connection

- Once the Electrum Wallet is running go to receive and check the Bitcoin Address is the same as in your EXODUS Wallet

In order to claim HEX the Electrum wallet is necessary, you can download it HERE.

Version 3.2.3 or higher accepts EXODUS.

For Windows OS please download the PORTABLE version.

Run downloaded file




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