HEXcoin is a free airdrop for Bitcoin investors, it is not an ICO, it is not necessary to pay anything at any time of the claiming process nor is it necessary for you to deliver personal data or passwords. The whole process can be done safely OFFLINE.



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                         PROOF OF STAKE

                      INCENTIVES FOR SAVING

                                     HEX GOALS

Bitcoin inflation goes to the miners.

HEXcrypto inflation becomes interests that goes to those who believe in the currency and preserve its value: stakers.

Low inflación: HEX 3.69%, Bitcoin 4,16%, Ethereum 13,50% aprox.

10,000 HEX for 1 Bitcoin.  However the whales have big penalties.

A wallet with +1000 BTC receives 50% less. A wallet with +10,000 BTC receives 75% less. Mt. Gox receives nothing, Roger Ver (if his wallet is found) receives nothing, Exchanges' Wallets are penalized or receive nothing.

The purpose is to avoid market dumping of those who do not believe in the currency, encourage savings and thus maintain a high value.

The creator of HEX Richard Heart is an investor in Bitcoin since 2011.

Being a large accumulator since BTC was worth $ 30 and have thousands of coins is one of the great benefits of the creation of HEX.

Richard Heart is a respected public figure within the blockchain world. Bitcoin's defender together with Andreas Antonopoulos and Trace Mayer from all the attacks that Bitcoin has suffered from its inception.

Expert in marketing, in game theory, programmer, successful businessman, retired millionaire after 5 years of beginning his professional life.

- It is an Ethereum token, so transactions are safe, fast and cheap.

- Opposite to BTC, HEX code is inmutable, there is no way to modify the smart contract programmed in the ERC-20 token itself.

- Open source so that all connoisseur of the blockchain can see the code.

- It is an externally audited token. No bugs. Code is reliable.

- HEX does not meet any of the requirements to be declared a "financial product" by the US SEC. Therefore it can not be prohibited.

- Bitcoin is a PROOF OF WORK cryptocurrency where inflation pays for security, that is, for the miners, many of whom have been attaking Bitcoin through forks. Proof of Work means spending on electricity, servers, etc.

- HEX is a cryptocurrency PROOF OF STAKE, security is offered by Ethereum and inflation is the interest paid to the stakers, which are those that preserve their value.

- Part of inflation is used for advertising, marketing, trademark registration, patent (avoid forks and copies), among other advantages.

- Receive 20% more HEX if you claim first week.

- Receive 20% MAX. per year for stacking /saving.

- 2% weekly Penalty if your coins are not claimed untill at the end of week 50 there is nothing to claim.

- All unclaimed HEX is delivered to stakers during the first 50 weeks.

- The penalty if you take out your stack earlier (you finish your savings mode before scheduled) is you get 50% less of the interest not received. The penalty coins are given to the stakers.

- Inflation is delayed, since only accounts are paid at the end of the savings period. And these periods range from 1 day to 50 years!

- Replace GOLD as a store of value. Current value $ 7.7 Trillion.

- Replace the Tax Havens accounts. Current value $ 15 Trillion.

- Replace Credit Cards. Current value $ 770 billion ( Visa, MasterCard and PayPal )

- Replace Banking Deposit Certificates (CDs): Only $ 571 billion in the US (in accounts under $ 100,000.


The best thing the blockchain can do is store value!

Being a payment network is 10 times less valuable.

The value of Gold is $ 7.7 Trillion, however the value of Visa is $ 320 Billion, MasterCard is $ 212 Billion and PayPal is $ 101 Billion

Gold is 10 times more valuable than the others combined! And nobody uses it to pay for their coffee.


For a currency to be revalued, it needs to have demand. HEX will be in the main Exchanges to be bought or sold.
Cryptocurrency first adopters are historically the biggest gainers and are usually those who receive the coins nearly free.

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